I’m Betting on America. Are You?

August 27, 2020

I’m the ultimate positive thinker. I’m also very cynical. You can be both. My favorite saying is, “Expect the best, prepare for the worst.” So, I’m going to give you both sides of the Coronavirus story. Let’s start with the bad. This is the worst mess of our lifetimes. The economy is hanging by a

Mr. President, Follow the South Korean Model to Defeat Coronavirus

August 27, 2020

Great job, President Trump. You’ve done the impossible- you’ve turned perhaps worst crisis in USA history and one of darkest periods Americans have ever suffered, into a show of leadership and a jump in approval. The latest ABC News /IPSOS poll shows a dramatic turnaround. By 55% to 43% Americans approve of President Trump’s handling

Mr. President, Here’s How to Punish China

August 27, 2020

Wake up America, we are in the midst of a war and have been attacked like we haven’t been since Pearl Harbor. In case you haven’t noticed, our opponent is China. The only difference is they have caused mass crisis, chaos, death and destruction to America- without firing a bullet, or bomb. Fellow Americans and citizens

Signs of the Coming Trump Victory

August 21, 2020

Don’t kid yourself. Don’t be fooled by the bravado. Democrats behind the scenes are scared and getting more desperate by the day. Because there are so many signs of a coming Trump victory. The signs are everywhere. Polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want to defund police. They want law and order. They

Kamala Harris is the Perfect Choice for VP

August 13, 2020

Kamala? Really? Well one thing is clear: Michelle said “NO.” Maybe even “Hell NO.” Don’t get me wrong. Kamala Harris is the perfect choice for Basement Biden’s VP…if your only criteria is “black female.” Because other than that, Kamala offers nothing to Biden. As in zero. Zip. Nada. The Kamala Harris VP choice is one

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